Getac V110  NVIS Filter (Optically Bonded) Main Image

Getac V110 NVIS Filter (Optically Bonded)


The V110 Optically Bonded NVIS filter is optically bonded to the screen and covers the display area it perfect for NVIS applications. The filter provides superior NVIS filtration while allowing use of the touchscreen. This filter is not removable from the screen, so it is ideal for notebook which will primarily be used in a low light environment.


A-1 Environmental Certifications Overview
A-2 V110 Environmental Specifications
A-3 Wheeled and Composite Vehicle Test Specifications (MIL-STD-810G)
A-4 Electromagnetic Certifications (MIL-STD-461F)
A-6 Aluminum Specifications
A-7 Night Vision Imaging Systems (MIL-STD-3009)