T800 Hand Dock
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T800 Hand Dock

Getac T800 Hand Dock


The T800 hand dock gives the user the flexibility of performing required tasks with ease of access to the tablet. with an optional adjustable strap and rugged design – the solution offers a versatile range of options while maintaining the tablet securely in place. The snap on dock offer the ability to extend I/O through a Mil-Connector to communicate to other tethered peripherals (e.g. Radios) and shield/protect it from environmental risk (including EMI/EMC).


  • A-1 Environmental Certifications Overview
  • A-2 T800 Environmental Specifications
  • A-3 Tracked Vehicles, Propeller and Rotary Winged Aircraft Specifications (MILSTD-810G)
  • A-6 Aluminum Specifications