Rugged Computers/Tablets with First Responders in Mind

The Covid pandemic and the ever-increasing wildfires have shown everyone the importance of first responders and the role they play in public safety. Frontline workers need to have access to the most recent technological advancements to better perform their tasks in environments that are becoming more challenging. Rugged computers and tablets are evolving to meet the growing demands for lighter, more powerful, and even more ruggedized laptops and tablets that can be utilized in harsh environments.

With emergence of 5G networks, the need for LTE/5G capable rugged computers is becoming more apparent. These rugged laptops and tablets need to meet MIL-STD-810 for resistance to shock and impacts, MIL-STD-461 for resistance to electromagnetic interference, and Ingress Protection rating to withstand dust and water penetration. Getac’s B360 and B360 Pro laptop with LTE/5G is certified to be used in extreme temperatures, provides first responders, police officers, firefighters, and other public safety personnel with the latest technology.

ProCustom Group specializes in providing customizing rugged computers and tablets to meet the specific needs for first responders. ProCustom Group’s engineering and production teams, design and develop solutions specific to the environment of operations. Solutions that First Responders require are not always standard and our engineers can support these requirements – whatever the mission is!