Getac K120 SATA Adapter Getac V110 SATA Adapter Getac X500SATAADP - X500 SATA HDD/SSD Canister Adapter showing Getac canister connector and SATA interface connector Getac V110 Laptop Canister Adapter Getac laptop canister with adapter and SATA cable showing assembly process
Getac Laptop and Tablet SATA Canister Adapters Main Image
Use this adapter to connect your Getac K120 canister via a 22pin SATA connector

Getac Laptop and Tablet SATA Canister Adapters


Our new Getac SATA adapters, designed and produced by PCG, allow connection of a Getac HDD/SSD canister to a conventional 22 pin SATA connector for use in loading images and copying data. The Getac HDD/SSD canister is plugged into one end of the adapter and the other end plugs to a PC or disk duplicated via an eSATA to 22 pin male SATA cable (included).

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions:  46mm L x 44 mm W x 23mm H
  • Input:  Getac canister
  • Output: eSATAp (SATA + USB)
  • Material:  Anodized aluminum (enclosure)

New Models and Part Numbers available:

  • Getac K120, P/N PCG-SA-K120
  • Getac V110, P/N PCG-SA-V110
  • Getac X500, P/N PCG-SA-X500
  • Getac B300, P/N PCG-SA-B300

Legacy Part Numbers (no enclosure) include B300SATAADP, S400SATAADP, V100SATAADP, X500SATAADP, V110SATAADPC, S410SATAADP