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Support for Dolch Computers

ProCustom Group Offers Support for Dolch RPC Luggable Lunchbox Computers

Parts & Services Available for Rugged Dolch Computers

Dolch MilPAC Computer - side view

Dolch MilPAC Rugged Luggable Computer

Dolch Computer Systems, Inc. is long disappeared having been purchased by Kontron and then Azonix but many of its legacy PAC 60 Series, FlexPAC, NotePAC, DuraPAC, FieldPAC, MilPAC & RPC computers are still around and in need of service and support.


The most rugged model Dolch marketed was the MilPAC Rugged Workstation. Its description taken from past marketing information is reproduced below.


MilPAC Rugged Workstation (Courtesy of Dolch historical marketing materials)

The MilPAC was a sealed, high performance portable computer designed for use in harsh environments. Built to survive deployment in both military and industrial environments, the MilPAC rugged lugable portable was developed to take the everyday harsh treatment rugged portable computers are subjected to and keep working. The MilPAC was engineered to survive situations in remote field service, on-site maintenance, flight line systems analysis, geophysical exploration, shipboard exposure, factory floor environments, and military deployment.


A rugged full metal enclosure protects the MilPAC from the harsh effects of everyday indoor/outdoor rugged computing. The aluminum chassis shields the internal parts from shocks up to 40g (non-operating). Up to IP 65 protected, a dust-proof side cover shields the I/O connectors from dust, wind and moisture exposure. In environments where an extra protection is required, the MilPAC Plus offers a corrosion-resistant finish, locking internal component connectors, sealed military-style power connectors, sealed power switches and a screw-in power cord. A removable screw-down cover shields the fan opening from intruding dust and particles during transport. For IP 65 protections, add the optional 85-key rubber keyboard with combat light and integrated mouse key to the MilPAC Plus. Consequently, there is no problem using the MilPAC outdoors where exposure to rain, dust or snow can be expected to be part of the normal day.


The MilPAC was available in a choice of systems configurations, up to 3.0GHz Pentium® 4 processor, up to 2GB of DDR memory, and 16MB video RAM, the MilPAC can be configured to meet your requirements. A fold-up locking keyboard protected the 14.1-inch color XGA TFT display during transport. The MilPAC provided three open PCI expansion slots and offered a PCMCIA option for additional expansion. In the event of a power failure, an optional UPS battery -operated, back-up system maintained the unit’s power for up to 20 minutes, allowing enough time to safely shut down your system.


The ProCustom Group (PCG) headquartered in Azusa California has now developed the capability to service and support the legacy Dolch luggable computers. PCG is a specialist in the customization of rugged laptop and portable computers and has forged an agreement with the European company that originally made the RPC for Dolch, ALR Rugged Solutions GmbH.

Through this agreement, PCG is able to source original mechanical and electrical assemblies from ALR and perform repair, upgrade and refurbishment of the Dolch RPC series of rugged luggable computers.

Dolch marketed a series of rugged lunchbox and luggable computers as pictured below.


Lunchbox computer with full travel Cherry keyboard

Dolch PAC 60


Dolch PAC62 Network testing lunchbox computer

Dolch PAC 62

Dolch PAC64 Network test platform - designed for Network General

Dolch PAC 64

Dolch FlexPAC lunchbox PC

Dolch FlexPAC

Dolch NotePAC rugged laptop - Getac sourced

Dolch NotePAC

Dolch FieldPAC computer - briefcase PC built into a 'zero'-style case.

Dolch FieldPAC

Waterproof luggable computer - DuraPAC

Dolch DuraPAC

Highly ruggedized Mil-Spec computer - Dolch MilPAC

Dolch MilPAC

PCG has the technical staff and infrastructure to repair, maintain & rebuild and of the legacy Dolch rugged portable add-in computers. Its primary capability areas are shown below:


Evaluation and diagnosis using factory test methods & equipment

Troubleshoot and repair/replace internal electronic assemblies

Repair broken mechanical & electro mechanical parts

Repair/replace failed external interface items

Product refurbishment

Software, HDD/SSD and Configuration Customization


One of PCG’s partners for the support of historical Dolch computers is ALR Rugged Solutions GmbH. ALR designs and manufactures customized fully-rugged computers, displays and related products that require the highest levels of ruggedness and environmental protection.  The foundation of ALR dates back to 1979.


Combined experience of the key management and operational team totals more than 75 years of experience in the field of customized and fully-rugged computers and displays.  We are dedicated to working as a team with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

ALR facility in Germany - image of attractive factory building

ALR Facility

ALR is located in Baden-Württemberg in Southwest Germany.  Our modern facility is located at Feldwiesenstrasse 8 in the community of Lottstetten.  We are close to the Swiss border and are well positioned for logistics on a global basis.  We have a well developed network of business partners to draw upon to fulfill the demanding requirements for our products.


ALR Engineering

ALR rugged computer manufacturing facility

ALR Production

In addition to its Azusa facility, the ProCustom Group has its corporate HQ in Finksburg, MD (Northwest of Baltimore) and sales & marketing offices in Northern California

ProCustom Group Azusa Facility image - factory in Southern California

ProCustom Group Azusa Facility