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Wireless Defeat – RF Quiet Configuration

WiFi disable hardware on Getac rugged portable

Getac WiFi disable in H/W

WiFi disabled WiFi defeated on Getac military computers

The ProCustom Group provides customization services for Getac laptop, notebook and tablet operating systems by defeating all emissive sources and data receivers in the particular laptop, notebook or tablet computer. This is a critical data security requirement for the military and the DoD. Defeated devices can include: WiFi, 3G/4G/LTE Wireless, Bluetooth, IRdA and GPS.

PCG removes or physically disables the particular function module and its associated antenna and removes the associated driver from the operating system.

Prevention or elimination of computer emanations and receive capabilities to prevent unauthorized access to government networks and the compromise of data security are detailed in the following sample references:

DoD Directive

DoD Wireless Policy

Dod Mobile Device strategy

Wireless security standards