Rugged notebook & laptop customization

ProCustom Group Military Laptop and Rugged Notebook Customization

Computer customization for rugged laptops, rugged notebook, rugged handheld, and rugged tablet computers

COTS rugged notebook and rugged laptop customization

Getac’s Official Customization Partner

Since April 2012, The ProCustom Group has partnered with Getac to provide customization services for Getac rugged products.

See press release: Getac Customization

The ProCustom Group was selected due to our experience with Project Management, Electronic, Mechanical, CAD, Environmental and EMC Engineering to give Getac’s customers the ultimate in flexibility while maintaining the quality that Getac products are famous for.  Whether you need one unit or hundreds, ProCustom Group can deliver.

Mission Statement

The ProCustom Group is the market leader in the customization of COTS rugged laptop, rugged notebook and tablet products.  Standard rugged computers are modified to specific user requirements, for deployment in harsh and demanding environments in military, aerospace, industrial and first responder marketplaces.


ProCustom employs a rapid response team of experienced electrical, mechanical and environmental engineers. All are equipped with advanced simulation and 3D CAD tools to quickly model modification scenarios and interact with our customers’ engineering teams to define detailed solutions to very exacting requirements. Our organization is optimized to support short to medium product runs of 5 to 500 units and is structured to be highly efficient and cost effective.

About Us

We saw an opportunity to offer customization services standard rugged laptop manufacturers can’t. Our background allowed us to start a customer-focused business with a minimum of overhead but with a wealth of expertise across a broad range of computer use in severe environmental applications. We wanted to work directly with our customers to develop solutions that meet their requirements.  Our client list includes all branches of the US military and their prime contractors.  ProCustom Group products are in daily use on military aircraft, submarines and tracked vehicles.

Our Customers

We proudly support some of the biggest names in the defense industry

Lockheed Martin Northrup Grumman Boeing
Thales Raytheon BAE Systems Rolls Royce

Need for Customization

Rugged notebook and military laptop computers are designed for harsh environments, but are built in quantity with fixed configurations. Some applications require connections to other equipment, or the addition of task specific electronic interfaces.  Adding waterproof industrial or MilSpec connectors is something that commercial laptop manufacturers are not set up to do.  Often, manufacturers are unwilling to consider customization for less than an advance commitment of 500-1000 units. ProCustom was founded to address these needs. Call (410) 598 – 5980 for more information